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Interesting work with a startup culture

Captivation Software is a small, developer-oriented company that embraces the progressive attitude you would expect at a tech startup. We value transparency in the employer-employee relationship, and aim to empower our team through a flattened company structure.

We actively pursue the most interesting work the Intelligence Community has to offer. This means you'll regularly be working with high-end technologies - with full company support as you evangelize the latest and greatest technologies for our clients!

Industry-Leading Compensation Package

We are serious about hiring ( and retaining ) the best software engineers available. We offer our team an impressive compensation package as reward for their exceptionalism:

  • Above-market hourly pay

    We are able to pay substantially higher rates than larger companies thanks to our highly-efficient business model. A 30-50% raise over a previous employer isn't unheard of!

  • "Early Retirement" 20% 401k contribution

    Yes, you read that correctly - we contribute an industry-leading 20% to your 401k each pay period for every dollar you've earned, vested immediately. How does retiring early sound?

  • Tax-advantaged medical coverage

    Opt in to our company-sponsored HSA plan to enjoy exceptional tax benefits while investing in your own health and well-being for years to come. It's a win-win!

  • Paid Time Off ( PTO )

    Even though we pay our engineers by the hour, we still provide a generous amount of paid time off for use at your own discretion!

  • Recruiting bonus

    Refer a friend and get a bonus after 6 months of employment. This deal is open to non-employees as well!

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We have positions for cleared and uncleared software engineers at every level opening all the time!

Visit us on Stack Overflow to view open positions, or send us your resume / CV.