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Tools you can trust

All of our solutions are developed using popular and widely-used programming languages, safe and reliable data storage solutions, and industry standard techniques. This ensures you have many options and few surprises long after your software is delivered.

Below you will find some of the in-demand tools we are using on a daily basis:

  • Programming Languages and Frameworks: Java / Spring, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, C, C++, Python, Linux Scripting
  • Database Systems and Full-Text Search: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Solr, Elasticsearch

Custom to your specifications

Off the shelf software solutions are general purpose tools designed to meet the needs of a wide and diverse audience. These types of solutions are limited to the decisions made by a software team without your input, and has the unfortunate side-effect of changing the way your organization operates to remain effective.

Custom software, by contrast, is compromise-free and will be built entirely to your own specifications, to include all the features you want, and none of those you don't. Further, our team is there every step of the way to help with the decision making process - ensuring a software solution that compliments your organization and provides optimal results for years to come.

Stateless for scalability

Modern software development best practices encourages designing for horizontal scalability. As part of this approach, we build stateless applications that are more fault-tolerant, reliable, and expandable than outdated, stateful counterparts.

We deliver scalable solutions by providing stateless Web Services and APIs in combination with our Application Clustering services.

Core Services

Web Services and APIs

Increase your potential and extend your reach with a powerful backend.

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Real-Time Applications

Instantly receive and respond to updates in your system as they occur.

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Data Management

Data architecture and efficient storage supporting your application.

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