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Relational Databases

We design and implement data schemas for use with major Relational Database Management Systems ( RDBMS ), such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. These solutions are suitable for data sets with highly relational data, and provides space-efficient storage with powerful querying capabilities.

NoSQL Solutions

Recent advances in data management have given rise to so-called "NoSQL" solutions. We utilize these solutions when non-relational data must be persisted, or when the benefits of a NoSQL solution can be used to complement an existing RDBMS.

We provide data services using popular NoSQL solutions, including MongoDB and Redis, leveraging their efficiency and reduced development costs for our clients.

Full Text Searching

Full Text Search engines, such as Elasticsearch and Solr, provide the extra horsepower needed to query large data sets with flexibility and efficiency. These tools are hard-to-beat in terms of response times while retrieving records, and are unmatched in their advanced query support.

Additionally, integrating a Full Text Search engine into an existing application is a proven way to build upon your existing capabilities without having to completely redesign your codebase.

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