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Streaming Web Applications

Traditional web applications rely on polling for updates or user interaction ( e.g. clicking a "refresh" button ) to retrieve fresh data. This strategy works well for some systems, but leaves much to be desired in environments that experience a high volume of events that must be responded to immediately.

To address this problem, we build streaming web applications using HTML5 WebSockets and, reliably extending capabilities in mission critical and collaborative settings.

Pub / Sub Architectures

Applications that process large volumes of data synchronously can quickly overrun even the most powerful servers. Long running jobs and computationally expensive operations compound this problem, and an intelligent solution is required to meet the demands of such an application despite these challenges.

The Publisher / Subscriber ( Pub / Sub ) pattern solves this problem by decoupling processing with an asynchronous data flow - processing jobs are scheduled, and clients are notified when jobs are completed. Integrating this pattern into your application will deliver greater throughput alongside dependable performance.

Webhook APIs

Webhooks are a powerful mechanism available to organizations wishing to provide Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ) to many third-party integrators, providing clients with the ability to register external actions to be performed in response to pre-configured events.

By incorporating a Webhook API into your system(s), you gain a high-performance advantage in the value provided to your clients.

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