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Web Services Design

We build RESTful ( or "REST" ) web services that meet the expectations of internal and external application clients. Through our adherence to widely accepted standards and conventions, we guarantee your application will match the expectations of maintainers and third-party developers alike - meaning your application is designed from day one to be future proof.

In combination with our Domain Modeling capability, we promise an extensible API that fits seamlessly into your organization.

Essential Security

Whenever sensitive information is being stored, such as Personally Identifiable Information ( PII ) or user credentials, all precautions must be made to safeguard this data from prying eyes.

Our team has experience with data encryption, PKI identification, and an in-depth knowledge of SSL / TLS protections that we can utilize to reduce the risk of exploits and unauthorized access, protecting your users and assets in the process.

OAuth Applications

Few modern applications exist solely in isolation, yet increased sharing can also lead to privacy and security concerns. OAuth addresses these concerns through secure protocols and permission-based access controls.

We can build you a system that communicates with popular OAuth providers, or convert your own system into an OAuth provider - or both!

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