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Into the cloud

By now, "the cloud" has become something of a household term when it comes to data storage, but it actually has far more to offer than that. Cloud computing services are an exciting possibility for organizations looking to outsource some of their infrastructure.

Leveraging popular cloud service providers like AWS and Heroku greatly simplifies how you deploy your custom software application, and lessens the need for dedicated maintenance staff.

Fewer Surprises

Every IT infrastructure bears a degree of complexity, with larger systems being harder to isolate and diagnose issues for as they arise. This complexity is compounded by one-off fixes and band-aids applied incompletely across the enterprise. This is a risk to any organization that relies on software systems for their day-to-day operations.

Through our dedicated DevOps services, you offset the inherent risk in any system architecture by eliminating the most preventable points of failure in IT systems: human error.

Increased Uptime

Every organization has some key systems that, if this system happened to go down, would render your staff completely unable to work for a period of time. Unfortunately for many, this situation is a common one, and is a great source of frustration and expense.

IT Automation has a positive impact on an organization's ability to allocate new system resources or replace aging ones without major headaches. Used in combination with Application Clustering , your system services can gain an unprecedented level of robustness

Core Services

Automated Provisioning

Setup and reconfigure system resources with a click of a button.

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Application Clustering

Increase processing power and redundancy in your existing system.

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Cloud Deployments

Start leveraging the high availability and cost benefits of cloud services.

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