Application Clustering

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Scaling Horizontally

With application clustering, you gain the ability to boost computing power in your various services through the addition of commodity hardware. When compared with expensive specialty upgrades, clustered solutions provide the same results with the added benefit of fault tolerance inherent to a multi-node setup.

Before scaling your existing infrastructure vertically with expensive hardware upgrades, Contact Us to see if a clustered solution works better for your needs.

More Processing Power

Clustered applications are services running on separate hosts that are accessible as if they were a single machine. This gives you the ability to continually add more cores as your operation grows.

Used in conjunction with our Data Management services, your persistence layer will be ready to handle even the largest data sets.

Redundancy For Increased Uptime

Most application clusters have the ability to replicate data across many nodes, such that in the event of a malfunction, your data remains accessible.

For solutions hosted via Cloud Services , this redundancy can easily be extended to data centers located around the globe for unparalleled data protection.

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