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Every Machine Is Replaceable

Uncontrolled changes are the bane of every production environment. Every "quick fix", applied in the heat of the moment, will eventually weaken your infrastructure, making some machines difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

Our DevOps team, with the help of tools like Puppet, Salt, and Ansible can be used to curb this bad practice - ensuring that each machine is consistent, and no machine is irreplaceable.

Configuration As Code

Recent advances in DevOps technology has extended some of the best practices of traditional software development to the system administrator's realm.

With our experts on your side, your server configuration can be stored in source control, ensuring that your changes can be responsibly altered, and in case of emergencies, reverted to a previously-known working state.

Unprecedented Disaster Recovery

Even in the most disciplined environments, the unexpected can still happen. It is essential that critical software systems employ automated provisioning services to get back to a working state ASAP.

With our help, your infrastructure will gain the ability to quickly recover from worst-case scenarios.

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