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A Strong Foundation

Accurate domain modeling is essential to the long-term success of your project - it is also an aspect of development that is often overlooked, and with painful consequences.

We take the time to make sure what is modeled in code has a real-world equivalent. This avoids technical debt and mitigates headaches down the road. Additional benefits include the ability to add features without adding complexity, and decreasing overall maintenance costs.

Object-Oriented Programming

We employ Object-Oriented Programming ( OOP ) to effectively model the intricacies of your workflows. Through this technique, we are able to concisely represent the hierarchies and relationships of your system components.

Through Object-Oriented Programming, your application is able to leverage powerful abstractions, consolidating code for maintainability and maximizing correctness.

Programmatic Validation

As part of our comprehensive approach to domain modeling, we take special care to ensure each aspect of your designed workflow behaves as expected through the use of programmatic testing.

These tests, commonly referred to as "unit tests", assert that the schema we deliver is valid, protecting your investment and reducing the likelihood of faulty releases.

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