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The face of your application

The user interface ( or "UI" ) of your application is one of the most important aspects of your custom software. It acts as the control panel to your workflows, and can either be the greatest source of productivity, or when done poorly, the greatest source of frustration.

Our UI experts will ensure your application is intuitive and attractive, with many conveniences like immediate feedback, status updates, progress indicators, and easy to understand alerts and error messages.

Web Standards Compliance

The web is a diverse environment, and it is important to create conventional and compliant interfaces to ensure the best results for your visitors - regardless of if that visitor is a user's browser, a search engine, or an assistive technology device.

We build interfaces using popular tools like React, AngularJS, Backbone, jQuery, and Bootstrap to deliver the best results with the fewest surprises. These are well-known tools supported by active communities, that are continually being updated for cross-browser compatibility and big performance boosts. Additionally, you may take your application even further with accessibility considerations, like 508 compliance, to enable users with special needs.

Build once, use everywhere

Traditional applications were designed to work solely on a desktop computer, making them cumbersome to use on other devices, such as phones or tablets. These applications are costly to convert to a mobile-friendly alternative, or require an entirely separate application for mobile altogether. We avoid this problem altogether by incorporating Responsive Design into every application we deliver for our clients.

Using our team, your application will be usable and enjoyably for every user, regardless of their preferred device.

Core Services

Responsive Design

Support a wider audience with a user interface that works on all devices.

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Data Visualizations

Gain insight into your data with easy to understand charts, graphs, and reports.

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User-Experience (UX)

Take your design further and emphasize usability and accessibility.

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