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Interactive Presentation

Static charts and graphs leave much to be desired when related data is inaccessible or difficult to access. Users need to explore and refine their data, and many standard graphing solutions leave much to be desired.

We enhance your visualizations with tooltips, context menu's, and user event handlers that customize the presentation for the task at hand, and provide your users with the feedback they require.

Summarizing your "Big Data"

So you've made investments in your "Big Data" architecture, and are now using analytics to create better-than-ever understanding of your processes. Are you presenting your findings in the most meaningful way?

We specialize in the presentation of "Big Data", employing strategic visualizations that quickly provide an understanding of your data, all at a glance.

High-Performance Graphics

Visually intensive graphics are proven to better engage your users and provide greater understanding, but demand more from an end-user's system. Managing performance versus quality is a balancing act that requires the help of experts to deliver the best results.

Our UI team is experienced in using advanced virtualization techniques and algorithms to deliver optimized results on any system without sacrificing the User Experience .

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