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Listening To Your Users

The best UX results come from a design process that begins with input from those who will use the application.

We consider the input and perspectives of your audience, from the subject matter expert to the complete novice, and develop intuitive interfaces that meet their real-world requirements without compromise.

More than just graphic design

User experience ( UX ) design is a combination of graphic design, information architecture, and interaction design. Unfortunately, some UX teams have the tendency to let the graphic design component drive the entire process, yielding mixed results at best.

Our disciplined UX professionals go beyond providing "UX in name only" and focus on striking the balance between aesthetics and architecture that works for your target audience.

A Focus on Accessibility

Every organization that receives federal funding must be 508 compliant - meaning special attention must be paid to ensure that any software developed is accessible by people with disabilities.

We provide 508 compliance services that will make your application more accessible to those with disabilities.

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